The Flavors of Reykjavik

    From the Northern Lights to the Southern glaciers and a steaming blue lagoon spa, Iceland is full of natural wonder. The beautiful volcanic island surprised me in many ways.
    Aside from exploring its natural beauty, we also ventured into its cuisine and culture.
    Fun Fact: Beer was outlawed in Iceland until 1989! 
    While it’s known for fish jerky, whale and shark – we did not delve into that.
    Here are the dishes we tried:

    Rye Bread Ice Cream

    Lamb Hot Dog

    Local Cheeses w/ Cured Horse, Lamb & Goose

    Lamb Soup

    Local Beer (outlawed until 1989!) – They say it’s so good because of Iceland’s water.

    Icelandic Yogurt (high in protein & calcium)

    Rock Crab & Shrimp Soup

    Apricot Mascarpone