It’s nearly impossible to describe this magical day. The day I married Michael was a mix of excitement, love and overwhelming positive emotions. Only being there would do the amazingness of it all true justice. A list of highlights (aside from getting married to the love of my life, of course):

    ➰Having my dad officiate our ceremony, and then watching him field requests at cocktail hour to officiate future weddings 💒

    ➰Throwing the bouquet from the Ferris wheel only to watch a mad shuffle ensue as the flowers became a genuine game of tug of war 💐

    ➰Dancing to a live band that sounded better than any concert I’ve ever seen 💃

    ➰Every single speech given, and especially my brother Bobby’s (roast) which made people *cry* from laughter (legit never seen a speech like this before — and now has us all convinced he should’ve gone into comedy writing)… revenge will be had, just you wait! 🤣

    ➰Seeing our vision unfold from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception and every tiny detail come into play perfectly (including our miniature cupcakes and the lavender flavor addition) 

    ➰Getting hoisted into the air on a chair… and not falling off 😎

    ➰Last, but certainly not least — our families and friends: getting ready with and then being surrounded by our loved ones who traveled wide and far, across cities and continents to be by our side 💖

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    Below is a preview of our wedding, our New York Time’s announcement and photos from our Hawaiian honeymoon!

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