My month-long journey face to face with gratitude.

    I wanted to practice being mindful of what I am grateful for on a daily basis. Although I kept trying, nothing stuck. Until I made a promise to myself that I would verbally share something day by day for the month of October on Instagram.

    It turned out to be a fun, inspiring and eye-opening process!

    Along the way there were definitely some days I didn’t want to do it. But by making this a public move, I found that I held myself accountable and fulfilled one video a day.

    I have heard that recognizing what we’re thankful for in our lives contributes to our happiness. I found that on most days I did, in fact, feel more positive – either in a small or big way, depending on the day.

    Not everyday was perfect, and again, some days were struggles. But that’s life. I am truly glad I did this, and now I do notice that on most days I try to pause and reflect on being grateful.