Becoming a Nutrition Specialist

    I spent my extra time this summer studying, and eventually becoming, a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I recently received the certification in the mail, and it felt great to hold it and see the visual representation of my work and effort.
    I didn’t realize I was interested in health reporting, until I was earning my master’s degree at Columbia University. I noticed a common theme began to emerge, and that I gravitated toward stories centered on health and wellness.
    Although I love covering and working on health topics, I do find that staying as healthy as possible is difficult in my daily routine. It’s a real challenge! Traveling and socializing are two things I love to do, and often revolve around trying new foods or indulging in different cuisines.
    But I do find that the healthier I am on a regular basis (eating whole foods, less desserts, exercising regularly and so on…), the happier I am and the better I feel. I’m lucky to be so close to my mom who is an ideal representation of using health to heal yourself, and her cooking and work inspires me daily.
    This coming year, I want to continue to work on my health. I also want to be less hard on myself when I’m not ‘perfectly healthy,’ but mostly I want to stay motivated.
    When I’m healthy, I’m happy – and here’s to 2018 being a very happy year!