3 Things (mostly!) Avoided

    This summer I gave up BEER, BAGUETTES and CHEEZ-ITS. All of which I usually enjoy on a somewhat regular basis. Despite the idea that summer ends on Labor Day, I went all the way through September 21.
    I lasted the entire summer, except with one exception of the three. Today is September 25, and I still have not had cheez-its. I have had some beer since summer ended, but upon trying it again I don’t think I actually missed it all that much.
    The bread, however, was the most difficult of the three. And it’s the one I gave up on one month too soon. Around the end of August I cracked. It was after a long day of work and a big french baguette was placed in front of my face on a table at a restaurant. I didn’t even regret caving in, I had missed it so.

    An example of one meal I ate this summer that replaced more processed foods.

    So what was the point? Why go three months without these things? Well, they are things I think I could (and possibly should) live without. They were things I was consuming on a weekly basis, and I wanted to try eating less processed and more whole grain foods this summer.
    It was also a fun mental game and challenge for myself – just to see if I could. And now that I haven’t had cheez-its since, and really not much beer, I’m in no rush to get back to them. That bread though… hey, why limit the things you truly love in life?