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    With #LivWell, Olivia explores culture, lifestyle, health and wellness – it’s Life with Liv!

    Olivia goes by @LivNews on all platforms and uses the hashtags:

    #LivNews for media and career
    #LivWell for lifestyle, travel, family, health and wellness
    #GetSavvyWithSocial for all blog-related content

    Aside from working in news she also covers lifestyle content, and she is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a jump rope Olympian (true story!).

    Olivia is also the founder and creator of Get Savvy with Social, LLC. The media and lifestyle blog covers tips on how to be the savviest digital socialite along with tips on how to live a well-rounded life. She also offers media consulting services!

    Olivia’s favorite part of working as a journalist is learning something new every day, and she wants to use this platform to share that with you. From tick bites and food allergies, to mastering wellness routines, to trying out cryotherapy firsthand, to reporting on FGC/FGM in the U.S., Olivia has experience with a wide range of health-related topics.

    Being “healthy” isn’t always easy and often isn’t seen as “fun.” Who doesn’t like indulging now and then?

    Olivia focuses on better understanding health so as to maintain a happy life balance, while still getting the chance to treat yourself at times without having that nagging guilt.

    Follow Olivia’s coverage and lifestyle tips – LivWell with LivNews or visit her blog & YouTube Channel for more!

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    Get Savvy with Social

    Going forward, I will be creating posts and content for my media and lifestyle company and blog: Keep following along there!

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